Wp Checker iPhone app

wp checker

We are very proud to introduce you the new WordPress Version Checker iPhone app. A beautiful and easy to use app for all users and developers working with WordPress! This app is going to make your digital life much more easier! Never miss a new WordPress release! Make sure you stay automatically up to date with new WordPress […]

NappyValleyNET iPhone App


We are very proud to introduce you the new NappyValleyNET iPhone app. A beautiful and easy to use app for all mums visiting the NappyValleyNET community! With this new app you always have NappyValleyNET in your pocket! Reading the latest posts easily from Battersea, Clapham and Wandsworth and of course AnnabelsArcade. And we’ve added Annabel Writes […]

Requirements: phase two


We’ve finally collected the stuff we need to have for our development journey. It’s a great mix of lost and forgotten 20th century things and high-tech digital gadgets. But most importantly, we have focus! Wrap up, wrap up, wrap up. That’s what we have done the last couple of weeks. We’ve completed our other projects. […]

Requirements: phase one


To do some proper iOS developing you need some basic equipment. We’ve started collecting ours in 2013.  Almost ready now to dive in head first and try to deliver you the next digital gold. One thing though we still miss in our collection. We think it is a must-have to achieve our goal: creating the […]

Big Hairy Audacious Goal 2014


In 2014 we are going to deliver you the number 1 app for the iPhone. You will be blown away by its simplicity, functionality and design. You truly want this app when it has been released! In 2013 we’ve discovered and learned the basics of iOS development. We build two great iOS apps (nappyvalleyNET and […]